About Us

Dahobale Consulting Partners

Welcome to our web page! We are a computer software provider and offer expert consulting services & advisory on software development, deployment and implementation, especially ERP, Payroll, & CRM business applications.

The ERP System that we intend to deliver for all MSMEs, helps in unleashing a wave of digital transformation for business. Then, we work with your teams to enhance it further to bring about positive changes in your marketing, office, production and support systems eventually.

We deliver turnkey solutions too and specialize in following sectors:

  • Manufacturing - all kinds, be it in any industry, any model of working;

  • Trading, retail & distribution - both consumer and industrial goods;

  • Construction - core construction activities, project-based work;

  • Healthcare - hospitals, pathologies etc.; and

  • Transportation - fleet-owners operating in surface transportation.

We have further mastered delivering connectivity to Tally via Excel - Excel to Tally. Combining flexibility of Excel and simplicity of Tally - a POWERFUL COMBINATION indeed!

Connecting Tally to either Excel, your ERP or any other application triggers a wave of "Tally Automation", which is quite simple and highly effective. One can commence journey of digitalization of Accounts posting, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and fill up gaps in existing systems, as required.

Our solutions could be mindfully deployed to cover distinct ways you function & operate. They further support your initiatives on "how your business has to look like", during pandemic and beyond. Extract an advantage by using software systems which can be architected to be:

  • Transactional - intentions is record-keeping;

  • Collaborative - enable workings of your teams and inter-departmental workflow plus external organizations;

  • Analytical - check reports quickly and infer what best is possible; and/or

  • Transformative - aid your initiatives and lead with facts.

What is your pick? Do get in touch to explore more!